We help hospitals bridge the divide between compliance and growth.

Obsequio Ventures invests financially in hospitals to create innovative growth opportunities through sustainable, advanced diagnostic systems.

We utilize joint venture legal structure, lab development, and local commercialization to walk alongside hospitals as they transform their lab into a profit center.

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The Obsequio Difference

Joint Venture Legal Counsel

We work with some of the top lawyers in the country. Together we’ve created a strategic and compliant model.

Independent Fair Market Valuation

An FMV, done properly, is the key to our success. Our FMVs are developed on a partner-by-partner basis by a nationally respected 3rd party analyst.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

Our Total Health & Hormone Specialty Panels and Bariatric Panels are highly valuable diagnostic tools.

Business, Medical & Lab Expertise

Our team is successful because we bring together years of success in business, medical & laboratory fields.

Regional Value

The combination of comprehensive testing and fast turnaround times increases patient and physician satisfaction.

Responsive & Predictive Analytics

At Obsequio, we don’t guess about profitability. We rely on top of the line analytics to continuously improve our offerings.

Electronic Chain of Custody

All of this effort is worth very little unless we do it right. Electronic chain of custody is essential for success and quality controls.

Our Story

In recent years, skyrocketing costs, constant competitive pressures, and declining reimbursements have made it difficult for many hospitals to remain profitable or even solvent. In addition, technology advances, albeit a costly investment, now provide greater diagnostic capabilities to catch disease states earlier. We recognized a clear need to bring to select hospital partners a lab growth model that would drive sustainable revenue through more comprehensive patient care, while strictly adhering to compliance and regulations.

Obsequio Hospital Ventures was formed solely to help address these challenges and serve as an esteemed hospital partner. The combination of our unique joint venture legal structure, state of the art technologies, and the venture and clinical experience of the Obsequio executive team provides the solution and direction required to build and maintain a long-term model of financial success while offering valuable clinical services to a hospital’s region.

Meet Our Experts

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Matthew Hopper

Chief Executive Officer
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Christopher St. Pierre

Chief Commercial Officer
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William Bouchillon

Chief Operating Officer
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Katelyn Allen

HR Director
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Bryan White

Business Development
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Jason Underwood

Business Development
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David Bryant

Vice President of Project Management and Clinic Operations
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Elise Koger

Clinic Coordinator